We are experiencing delays with our containers

Due to challenges with ocean freight, we have unfortunately not been able to ship all of your order together.

A combination of Covid-19, slow shipments and a shortage of containers throughout the whole of Asia means that we have had big problems this spring in shipping our products home to Denmark. The products have been ready at our suppliers for a long time, but there is a severe lack of empty containers. This shortage, combined with many delays in the ships sailing from the Far East to Europe, means that the products have been considerably delayed.

We are doing EVERYTHING we can to get them to us as quickly as possible. As soon as we know the date when your products are expected to arrive in Denmark we will contact you to arrange a delivery of your back order.

Are you in need of assistance, please send us an e-mail to info@bgreen.dk or call us on +4586283607

Best wishes from

B GREEN team