Three Global Goals we have had on the agenda from the very beginning

We strive to minimize the burden on the environment – day by day. 

That is why we work actively with the Global Goals. For us, there is no excuse at all for not doing so. And it also gives a better gut feeling, both for us and for you.

We have a special focus on three of the 17 world goals. Read more about goals and efforts below.

Goal 1: Eliminate poverty

Too many people still live in extreme poverty and struggle daily to meet their most basic human needs. We work purposefully to change this, by having many of our handmade pots made by small family businesses that need work to secure their day to day living.

In the picture below you see one of our potters in action.


Goal 8: Decent jobs and economic growth

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), more than 204 million people (!) Were unemployed in 2015.

Our efforts towards this goal go hand in hand with the efforts towards goal no. 1.

By finding more small independent producers who can help us with the making of our jars, we are helping to secure some decent jobs for more families.

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Economic growth and sustainable development require that we reduce our footprint on nature by changing the way we produce and consume our goods and resources. That is why we at B GREEN work continuously to avoid the use of toxic materials in the manufacture of our jars. 

We have also chosen to recycle – both when it comes to our Vintage collection and our packaging in connection with shipping.

In addition, we have a very strong attitude towards our printed matter (catalogs, postcards, etc.), which we get made at KLS Pureprint. Here we always ensure that our material is printed on the most environmentally friendly paper and with their very environmentally friendly printing ink.

Read more about our environmentally friendly printed matter.

Help us help the world.

When you buy B GREEN products, you are helping the efforts along the way.