New webshop - new address!

Finally we are live with our new, more user-friendly webshop!

We have been really looking forward to making it even easier for you to shop with us.

Be one of the first to see the webshop at the new address:

Request to become a dealer at our contact page and get a login for the shop, if you don’t already have one.


Benefits of the new webshop:

  • Better overview and improved ease of use.
  • Size matrix of the product, which makes it manageable and easy for you to choose size.
  • Overview of current order under your “menu” in the upper right corner.
  • Option to save your favorites (which you will then find in your menu).
  • An inspiring Lookbook in the top menu, where you can click on the pictures and see product info with the opportunity to put directly in the basket.
  • In the bottom of the page you have access to online catalogs, to a gallery of lifestyle images for free download and to a video of your favorite B GREEN Team.


Whilst we hope everything will be perfect, if you do spot any bugs with the new site, do please let us know so we can get things working smoothly for you.

Likewise, if you have any questions around ordering goods or navigating your way around the webshop, please call us right away – we are ready to help!

Phone +45 86 28 36 07 E-mail


See you at the shop!

Formland 2021 vinder af bedste stand

Formland - awardwinning stand!

Thank you for a fantastic trade show!  

We are so thankful for the positive feedback we had from all of our visitors. The positive vibes must have had something to do with us winning the award of the best stand of the year(!) – and we are so grateful and proud!

It was truly a magnificent show, and it was clear that we all enjoyed meeting up after 1-2 years of restrictions and shut downs.

More than 10.000 visitors came by throughout the show which just proves that it is still appreciated to get together and be inspired in real life.

We thank you all for making it possible to gather the industry and we hope that we will see many of you at Formland Spring 3.-6. Februrary 2022? Or perhaps at another fair.

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B GREEN team

Sustainable print

Collaboration with a Danish cradle to cradle certified printing company

At B GREEN we always strive to make the most environmentally friendly choices –  starting from the way our pots are produced, right down to how we print our inspiration catalogue, postcards and other printed matters.

That’s why we collaborate with KLS PurePrint – a Danish printing company that is Cradle to Cradle certified!

Cradle to Cradle® is a globally recognized measure of safer, more sustainable products made for the circular economy, ensuring that products create value not just for people, but also the environment too. It is one of the world’s most ambitious environmental certifications, which places demands on the entire life cycle of the product. It is the vision of a world in which we can benefit the planet without having to reduce consumption or the welfare standards of producers. It’s a vision that we at B GREEN share with enthusiasm!

Cradle to Cradle®  is your guarantee that our paper and inks are produced without chemicals and heavy metals registered on the Banned List of Chemicals, and that the printed matters neither pollutes nor uses the limited resources of the earth – instead, it’s part of nature’s own cycle. It also ensures that our printed products are produced under the most environmentally friendly conditions possible.

The inspiration catalogue is produced CO2 neutrally using only wind energy. The wood for the paper comes from FSC forestry, which ensures that no more wood is felled than forests can reproduce.

In a Cradle to Cradle® world, all materials are healthy for the surroundings and can be part of a repeating circuit. B GREEN is a part of that world, and so whilst many of our printed matters are actually so clean that you can eat them (!) we suspect you may get more pleasure from simply looking at it.

We hope you enjoy browsing the catalogues – printed or online – with the added pleasure of knowing that our products not only look good, they do good too!



PS. It goes without saying, we don’t recommend you really eat any of our prints!

PPS. We work actively with three of the 17 Global Goals, and this initiative is part of this work.

Are you in need of a retailer login or assistance, please send us an e-mail to or call us on +458628360

Global Goals

Three Global Goals we have had on the agenda from the very beginning

We strive to minimize the burden on the environment – day by day. 

That is why we work actively with the Global Goals. For us, there is no excuse at all for not doing so. And it also gives a better gut feeling, both for us and for you.

We have a special focus on three of the 17 world goals. Read more about goals and efforts below.

Goal 1: Eliminate poverty

Too many people still live in extreme poverty and struggle daily to meet their most basic human needs. We work purposefully to change this, by having many of our handmade pots made by small family businesses that need work to secure their day to day living.

In the picture below you see one of our potters in action.


Goal 8: Decent jobs and economic growth

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), more than 204 million people (!) Were unemployed in 2015.

Our efforts towards this goal go hand in hand with the efforts towards goal no. 1.

By finding more small independent producers who can help us with the making of our jars, we are helping to secure some decent jobs for more families.

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Economic growth and sustainable development require that we reduce our footprint on nature by changing the way we produce and consume our goods and resources. That is why we at B GREEN work continuously to avoid the use of toxic materials in the manufacture of our jars. 

We have also chosen to recycle – both when it comes to our Vintage collection and our packaging in connection with shipping.

In addition, we have a very strong attitude towards our printed matter (catalogs, postcards, etc.), which we get made at KLS Pureprint. Here we always ensure that our material is printed on the most environmentally friendly paper and with their very environmentally friendly printing ink.

Read more about our environmentally friendly printed matter.

Help us help the world.

When you buy B GREEN products, you are helping the efforts along the way.



Glazed Pottery in beautiful colors and shapes

Fight cancer

Thank you for your support 

Earlier this year, B-GREEN launched the small oil lamp Scheherazade with reference to the fairytale “ 1001 Nights Book”, where Scheherazade buys time and hope to tell the sultan such exciting stories that he does not kill her.
Hope was also the background for the lamp in such a way that the entire turnover would go to the Fight for Cancer in connection with the organization  Fight for Cancer campaign in 2017.
We are very happy and proud since we now can reveal that B-GREEN has sold almost 5,000 lamps, and therefor can transfer DKK 81,576 to Fight for Cancer 2017.

We could not have made it without you our dear customers, so thank you for your contribution.