Together we support children that needs a fresh start in life

All children deserve a good life. That is why we support a Danish organisation and institution that helps children improving their self-esteem. It’s a sort of boarding school and it fights for children’s lives without bullying, loneliness and dissatisfaction.

Every year, the organisation helps approx. 1,000 children aged 7-14 years and gives them a fresh start.

When the children come to live at the school, they get help to find their strengths and build their self-esteem, and the new skills and habits follow the children back home.

50% of the children assess before a stay that they have a good faith in themselves. 12 months after the end of the stay, the figure is 71%. 49% of the children experience bullying when they start. 12 months after the stay it is only 15%.

The institution’s efforts work! 

When you buy B GREEN products, you are helping to support important initiatives like this.

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(“…giving children a fresh start“)