Italien Terracotta

Italian Terracotta

Italian Terracotta


New for 2020 are our beautiful, classic Italian terracotta pots.


These classic clay Italian pots look great indoor, in the garden, on a balcony or a terrace.

Wherever you put them, they will create a simple, stylish romantic look.

If the jars are placed outdoors, within a few years they will develop a gorgeous, long-lasting natural patina.

Our Italian terracotta pots are made from the highest-quality clay, thereby creating the best conditions for strong plant growth.

The pots are burned at high temperatures, making them well suited for outdoors. The pots are frost-proof, with the right planting and care.

See our frostproof post here.


Discover, see, feel and explore our amazing Pot universe at Formland.

Formland, Herning  30. january – 02. february 2020, Stand K8130


Patinated pots

New 2020 Catalogue

New 2020 Catalogue


We are delighted to present B GREEN’s inspiring 2020 catalogue, featuring all our new products.

We posted the brochure to existing customers on the 30.12.2019, so hopefully you should already have received your copy.
If not, please do get in touch and we will ensure another is sent to you.

As 2020 is already well underway, so are our preparations for the exciting year ahead.  Amongst other things, you can expect inspiration at our exhibition stands as well as fantastic new product launches.

In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy the new 2020 catalogue.


You will find the catalogue here.


If you would like to see the new collection in person, then visit us at:


Formex in Stockholm from Tuesday 14th – 17th January 2020
– Stand: CO5:11

Visit their website here.

Formland in Herning 30th January – 2nd February 2020
– Stand: K8130

Visit their website here.

We look forward meeting you there.


You are always welcome to book a time in our showroom.  Contact us at or tel. 0045 86 28 36 07.


Frost proof pots

Frost proof pots

B Green’s outdoor pots are frost-proof


To ensure the guarantee on your pots, we have compiled a list of advice to help you protect them from the cold.

Our frost-proof guarantee means that your pots should not be damaged by frost.  They are made of clay which is a natural material, but for them to cope with frost they require a little bit of help from you.

We therefore recommend that you adhere to the following advice

  • The hole in the base of the pot should be kept clear and not be covered or closed.
  • Excess water needs to be able to drain from the pot. To help this process, fill 1/3 of it with leca-balls or something similar eg. small stones.  If water remains in the pot it can, when frozen, cause it to fracture or break.
  • In winter, pots should be raised rather than placed directly on the ground or grass – it is a good idea to use pot feet to do this. These feet provide the correct clearance of 1 -2cm that allows water to drain from the pot.  You can find our range of LION FEET and IRON STANDS in the *webshop here.
  • If you normally use a saucer then this should be removed in winter, otherwise water will collect in it, causing the pot to break.
  • Try to avoid moving or hitting the pot during winter.
  • Finally – be careful not to water plants if frost is forecast.

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Frost proof pots

BIRTHE glazed pot is now in stock

BIRTHE glazed pot

Now in stock.


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