Quality candles - dipped in Denmark

Our candles are sourced from Diederich Lys, the oldest candle factory in Denmark, established in 1965. The result of more than 50 years of experience is candles of exceptional quality with a long-lasting, beautiful and even burn.

Following proud craft traditions, the candles are handmade using specially-selected raw materials…

  • Dyed manually using a special wax that has a different melting point to the core, they burn beautifully and are soot-free.
  • The candles are made of 100% food-grade paraffin.
  • The wicks live up to the strict Oeko-Tex 100 standard. Among other things, this guarantees that they do not contain lead.

And best of all, they also have the longest burn time on the market.

You can find them alongside the rest of your B GREEN favourites.

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