Inspiration #3

New inspiration catalogue

New catalogue – INSPIRATION #3

It has been a busy spring, in a little while it will be summer, and autumn will arrive before we know it. Are you ready?

More than ever, it is important to give customers inspiration to create a space where even the busiest day and the most worrying moments can evaporate and allow for the enjoyment of the green and lush.

You know as well as we do – green spaces add to the joy of life.  Let’s spread joy of life where we can.

There is help and inspiration to be found in INSPIRATION #3, where you will find coziness, creativity and enjoyment.

We have collected your favorites and lots of new products to give you the best offer of the season for inspiring and life-affirming (indoor and outdoor) spaces.


View our new catalogue here


The new products for the autumn can be pre-ordered now! They are expected in stock in August.

Head directly to our webshop.

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(a sneak peek from the new catalogue…)

   Nelly Glazed Grey

Candles produced in Denmark

Quality candles – dipped in Denmark

Our candles are sourced from Diederich Lys, the oldest candle factory in Denmark, established in 1965. The result of more than 50 years of experience is candles of exceptional quality with a long-lasting, beautiful and even burn.

Following proud craft traditions, the candles are handmade using specially-selected raw materials…

  • Dyed manually using a special wax that has a different melting point to the core, they burn beautifully and are soot-free.
  • The candles are made of 100% food-grade paraffin.
  • The wicks live up to the strict Oeko-Tex 100 standard. Among other things, this guarantees that they do not contain lead.

And best of all, they also have the longest burn time on the market.

You can find them alongside the rest of your B GREEN favourites.

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New inspiration catalogue

New catalogue – INSPIRATION #2

The Christmas holiday is over. We have entered a new year and we are looking forward to a new and exciting season!

What better way to kick off 2022 than with a new inspiration catalogue! 

Browse through the catalogue and be inspired by the fantastic collection with many news for the spring and summer season 2022. The spring and summer collection captures the lighter yet warm colors that we want to embrace during the season.

In the catalogue you also find products from our new supplier i Spain counting the popular SØS (shown underneath) and many others.


We are very excited about the quality and look of these pots.

Both our patinated and glazed pots look beautiful outdoors, so why not decorate your green area whether it’s a terrace or a greenhouse with a mix of natural clay and glazed pots?

Create a cozy atmosphere and enjoy the days and long evenings in your garden!

You find all the products from the catalogue on our webshop, so there is plenty of possibility to get creative.


Are you not a retailer yet? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in selling our products.

You are also very welcome to book a time to visit our showroom – it is ready for you.

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Donation Cancer Research 2021

Together we are supporting the fight against cancer – thank you!

This much money you’ve raised for cancer research!

According to Cancer Research UK, someone is diagnosed with cancer in the UK every 2 minutes. It’s a sobering statistic, which is why we’ve produced our Pink Lacepot to help support the fight against the disease.

Each year, we donate the entire turnover – not just the profits – from the sales of our Pink Lacepot. This money goes to support Danish research into cancer, something that we hope will one day have world-wide benefits.

We’d like to thank you, our wonderful customers, for getting behind this initiative! we are so delighted to be able to reveal the total donation for this year……


You have helped us raise more than 15.000,00 euro!

Irrespective of whether you have bought Pink Lacepots or not, you (perhaps) shop with us, which indirectly helps to support the initiative – something that benefits everyone.

For our part, we are just so happy to be able to contribute towards fighting cancer.

If you don’t have the pot already and you’d like to buy it, visit the webshop for retailers or apply to become a dealer if you are not one already.

If you are a private customer, find B GREEN products at your local store. Search for a retailer to find one nearby.


With thanks and our good wishes!

The BGreen Team


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Christmas 2021

Our rustic Christmas items have arrived

Now that autumn has set in, many of you are probably already making initial preparations for the Christmas season. This year we have expanded our iron series with a number of beautiful items that fit perfectly with the cozy and rustic Christmas theme.

See a selection below.
Go visit our webshop for more inspirational pictures and purchase the new Christmas items online.

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New inspiration catalog online

New inspiration catalog online

The summer holiday is slowly drawing to an end, but we are ready to kick off a new and exciting season.
This also means that we are ready with a fantastic collection for the autumn and winter months.
We have compiled our new arrivals for autumn/winter in our new catalog, which you can find here.

Our autumn and winter collection will focus on accentuating the mellow autumn vibe with deep and warm colours. In particular our series in corten steel, with its ochre hues, is the perfect match for autumnal flowers, while the glazed pots are available in natural green and brown tones.

Both our patinated and glazed pots look beautiful indoors, so why not extend the season by planting some house plants in the pots to create a cosy and vibrant atmosphere inside the home?

You are also very welcome to book a time to visit our showroom, when it is ready.

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Sustainable print

Collaboration with a Danish cradle to cradle certified printing company

At B GREEN we always strive to make the most environmentally friendly choices –  starting from the way our pots are produced, right down to how we print our inspiration catalogue, postcards and other printed matters.

That’s why we collaborate with KLS PurePrint – a Danish printing company that is Cradle to Cradle certified!

Cradle to Cradle® is a globally recognized measure of safer, more sustainable products made for the circular economy, ensuring that products create value not just for people, but also the environment too. It is one of the world’s most ambitious environmental certifications, which places demands on the entire life cycle of the product. It is the vision of a world in which we can benefit the planet without having to reduce consumption or the welfare standards of producers. It’s a vision that we at B GREEN share with enthusiasm!

Cradle to Cradle®  is your guarantee that our paper and inks are produced without chemicals and heavy metals registered on the Banned List of Chemicals, and that the printed matters neither pollutes nor uses the limited resources of the earth – instead, it’s part of nature’s own cycle. It also ensures that our printed products are produced under the most environmentally friendly conditions possible.

The inspiration catalogue is produced CO2 neutrally using only wind energy. The wood for the paper comes from FSC forestry, which ensures that no more wood is felled than forests can reproduce.

In a Cradle to Cradle® world, all materials are healthy for the surroundings and can be part of a repeating circuit. B GREEN is a part of that world, and so whilst many of our printed matters are actually so clean that you can eat them (!) we suspect you may get more pleasure from simply looking at it.

We hope you enjoy browsing the catalogues – printed or online – with the added pleasure of knowing that our products not only look good, they do good too!



PS. It goes without saying, we don’t recommend you really eat any of our prints!

PPS. We work actively with three of the 17 Global Goals, and this initiative is part of this work.

Are you in need of a retailer login or assistance, please send us an e-mail to or call us on +458628360

Fight cancer

Thank you for your support 

Earlier this year, B GREEN launched the small oil lamp Scheherazade with reference to the fairytale “ 1001 Nights Book”, where Scheherazade buys time and hope to tell the sultan such exciting stories that he does not kill her.
Hope was also the background for the lamp in such a way that the entire turnover would go to the Fight against Cancer in connection with the organization Fight Cancer’s campaign in 2017.
We are very happy and proud since we now can reveal that B GREEN has sold almost 5.000 lamps, and therefore can transfer DKK 81,576 to Fight Cancer 2017.

We could not have made it without you our dear customers, so thank you for your contribution.