B GREEN’s outdoor pots are frost-proof

Our unglazed pots with holes are frost-resistant. This means that we guarantee that the pots will not crack due to frost, provided you follow some simple advice.

The pots are made of clay, which is a natural material, and to withstand frost, it requires an effort from you.

Therefore, we have created a list of 5 pieces of advice on how you ensure the pots during the cold season.


Follow these 5 tips 


1. The hole at the bottom of the pot should be free and must not be covered or closed.

2. Excess water should be able to drain from the pot. This is done by filling 1/4 of the pot with stones or other material that drains effectively. If water accumulates in the pot, it can freeze and cause cracks or the pot to break.

3. Pots should be lifted and should not stand directly on soil or grass during winter. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use pot feet. These ensure the correct distance (1 to 2 cm) for water to run off from the pot.

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4. If you use a saucer, it should be removed from the pot in winter. If water collects in the saucer, it can cause the pot to break in frosty weather.

5. Do not move the pots in winter and avoid bumping into them.


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Frost proof pots