How to make a credit request...

We strive to always deliver goods that live up to your expectations as well as our high quality standards.

If you do need to claim a replacement or a refund, please send a credit request form here.

Fill out the form with the information required and send it. We will handle all incoming credit request forms within short time. 

To fill out the form you must be logged in.

Go directly to the shop, login and find the form in the bottom of the page under Shortcuts. 

Do you have any questions?

For United Kingdom requirements please contact Christian from Nordlife Ltd on 07579023486 or send him an email

Read more about UK billing and the new structure here.

If you are from another English speaking country, call or write to the B GREEN office immediately. We are ready to help you. Contact us on +45 86 28 36 07 or if you need a login or need help.



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With thanks and our good wishes!

The B GREEN Team


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