Recycle broken pots

Recycle broken pots and improve drainage in your plant pots

When diving into the container garden, there is a small but important detail that is often overlooked: the bottom filling. Putting a layer in the bottom of your jars helps ensure that excess water can drain away.

While many choose to use lecan nuts or pebbles as bottom filling, we can actually use our broken pots in a smart way instead of throwing them away.

If you’re a bit of a pot lover like us, it’s likely that pots break for you from time to time. Instead of seeing these broken pots as trash, you can turn them into useful shards that can serve as excellent filler in your other pots.

How to do it:

Take the time to crush the pot further when the pot is broke, so that you get some suitable sized shards to put in the bottom of your pots. Make it a habit to keep broken pots for this purpose.

By reusing the broken pots as bottom filling, you not only extend their life, but you also reduce waste and give your plants a better growing environment. It’s win-win!

So the next time one of your pots breaks, remember to see it as an opportunity to create an even better plant home instead of just trash. Let’s work together towards a more sustainable and green garden culture!

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