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Our candles are made with care at Diederich Lys in our own local area, where each candle goes through a rigorous quality control to ensure it lives up to our high standards. And now we are proud to be able to present the results from the latest report, which illuminates both sooting and burning time.


When choosing candles for your home, it’s crucial to find products that are not only beautiful, but also safe to use. Our candles made of food-grade paraffin meet exactly these criteria.

The latest report reveals an impressive soot index per hour at 0.00% ! So you can enjoy the warm glow of our candles without worrying about dirt or smoke.

Uncompromising quality and long-lasting enjoyment

The wicks in our candles are made of pure cotton and meet the strict Oeko-Tex 100 standard. This is your guarantee that they do not emit harmful substances such as lead during burning. In addition, our candles are pressed with a pressure equivalent to 2 tons, which ensures that they burn longer than most other candles on the market.

One of the most impressive features of our candles, as the report reveals, is precisely their extraordinary burning time. Thanks to the unique production methods and materials of the highest quality, our candles have one of the longest burning times on the market, ensuring that you can enjoy their beauty hour after hour … after hour.

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